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Code CBJ 16377
Name Color Doppler
Brand GE
Model Logiq S7 Expert XDclear
Endorsement number
Status Recommend Sold
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*10.1’-inch touch panel – A large, modern touch panel for simple and intuitive operation. *Compare Assistant – Easily view a prior ultrasound, mammograph, CT or MR image and current images together in real time via a split screen on the monitor. *GE Raw Data – Through access to uncompressed and unaltered raw echo signals, inappropriate settings can be corrected even upon saving (“freezing”) of images.
Specification & Options
YOM2016, R3 *Color doppler *PW/CW doppler *Power doppler *High-resolution wide-screen display – High contrast, configurable 23” LCD monitor with LED backlit display. Option Enabled: *DICOM *CW doppler *Advanced Probes
*C3-10D *6S-D *11L-D
*Tested / Wipe down. *Good Condition