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1. You will receive the latest sales and purchase information (only who subscribes for our mail magazine.)

2. Your user info will be filled automatically, you do not need type your information each time you inquire items.

3. You can check sales price directory on web, without calling or sending e-mail. (Excluding some items.)

4. You can use our “item reservation service” by subscribing items you are interested and looking for. We will let you know right after the item arrived to us.

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Membership Agreement

Bond Japan Co.Ltd. Membership Agreement

Welcome to Bond Japan! We are glad you have decided to join our membership service, and we look forward to your participation. Before you begin, however, we ask that you review this Membership Agreement and agree to its terms. It is important that you understand both the services we provide as well as your obligations.

Article 1- Membership

1. "Member" means person or entity that apply for admission, with agreement on the procedures that specified by Bond Japan.

2. "Membership Information" is defined as a history and other information about your transactions, and also the information that attributed and disclosed in our membership.

3. This terms and conditions is applied to all members, and is valid both during and after the registration process.

Article 2-Reiteration

1. Membership -On this agreement, you are given an application for membership. This is eligible for membership after completing the registration process in place.The applicant oneself must do member registration process. Registration by any agency or third party will not be accepted.The membership application from those who judged unsuitable for our membership, or those who has been revoked in the past may be refused.

2. Registration procedures when entering member information, read the notes on the screen, please type the exact requirements for a given input form.

3. Password

(1) The password is available only to the registered members. Members can not transfer or lend to third parties.

(2) For security reasons, password should be changed on a regular basis and set it will never be known to others.

Article 3-User Profile Change

1. If there is any change such as user name, address and other information, shall contact us immediately.

2. We will not take any responsibility for damages caused by the changing registration information on your side. Please note that transactions made prior to the registration information change will be based on the previous information.

Article 4-Withdrawal

If a member wishes to unsubscribe, please do so by the member oneself. After the prescribed withdrawal procedures, the member will be unsubscribed.

Article 5-Liable for loss of membership and Obligation to compensate

1. If there any member who obtains false declaration, or who is found to be inappropriate for Bond Japan, we will be able to cancel the membership.

2. If the member has committed a specified items below and made damages to Bond Japan, the member will be responsible for losses suffered by Bond Japan.

(1) Membership numbers and passwords exploited.

(2) Any act may disrupt our business; committing unauthorized access on our website and falsifying information, and sending harmful computer programs.

(3) Any act that violates intellectual property rights of the goods by the Company.

(4) In addition, any acts contrary to these terms.

Article 6-Handling of Members’ information.

1. We do not disclose member information to third parties without prior consent in principle. However, it will not be the case if the following items occurred, and the Company may disclose customer information to any other member information without prior consent of the members.

(1) When asked to disclose in accordance with law.

(2) When we believe that we need to protect our rights, benefits and honor.

2. Member information will be managed by Bond Japan, based on our "commitment for personal information protection". Members’ information will be kept and utilized by Bond Japan, to provide improved services, to promote the use of the service, and for the purpose of ensuring the smooth operation and sound services for members.

3. We are able to provide the member newsletters and other information including advertisements. If you do not wish to receive above information, you can notify us in accordance with our predetermined method, then we stop distributing information. However, regarding the information needed to operate the service, you cannot stop it on request.

Article 7-Prohibition

When using our service, following items are prohibited.

1. Violation of law or this Agreement, and any other precautions.

2. Undermining Company and other third party rights, benefits and reputation.

3. Activities that adversely affect youth in mind and body, and any act that violates public policy.

4. The act of making other users and third party uncomfortable or annoying.

5. Entering false information.

6. Sending harmful computer programs or mails. Writing intended to ruin someone’s reputation.

7. Unauthorized access to our server and other computer.

8. Lending, transferring or sharing password to/with any third party.

9. Any acts the Company may be deemed inappropriate.

Article 8-Suspension/ interruption of service

1. To maintain good health of this service, if applicable to the following items, whole or part of this service may stop without notice.

1) Regular and emergency maintenance for the system.

2) If the system is overwhelmed.

3) When the system can not be operated due to fire, power outage, or sabotage by a third party.

4) If we believe that we need inevitable system stop.

Article 9-Abolition/Change of service

Bond Japan is able to modify and abolish whole or in part of the service at its discretion.

Article 10-Immunity

1. Bond Japan assumes no responsibility for damage for members caused by system stop, data loss, delay due to system failures, interruption of communication lines, computers problem, and also damage caused by unauthorized access to data.

2. We do not guarantee that contents, such as mail sent from our web server domain, are absolutely safe, or they do not contain computer viruses or other harmful things.

3. We are not responsible for damages caused by the members’ violation of these Terms.

Article 11-Revision of Terms

We may revise any terms of agreement, and are able to determine the supplement for that (the "replacement contract,") and shall become effective when revised terms posted on the given website of Bond Japan. In this case, the Member will be subject to the terms supplement and the revised terms

Article 12-Governing Law, Jurisdiction

If there is a dispute regarding this Agreement, exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance district court has jurisdiction over our head office.

Our privacy policy

We use your privacy information to make you use this site easier in this web site. We pay great attentions to handle your information;

1. Privacy information and usage

We use your name, address, E-mail address, phone numbers only to contact you and provide our information and news to you.

2. Revealing information

We do not reveal your information (including your E-mail address) without your permission.Exceptions; When the public authorities (such as the court, the police ) requires to reveal the information about our customer, we have to provide them.

3. Protecting information

'We have SSL encrypted web pages. Please be sure if you are using the latest web browser and having "key" icon which indicates you are having SSL connection. Please consult your browser's help about SSL connection.

4. Inquiry about our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.Please allow us several days for the reply.

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