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Code SBJ 16191
Name Anesthesia Vaporizer
Brand Drager
Model D-Vapor
Endorsement number
Status Recommend
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*Work with practically any Drager anesthesia workstation. *Equipped with a battery which maintains function in case of a power failure.
Specification & Options
*Weight: 7 kg / 15.5 lbs *Dimensions (HxWxD): 25cm x 11cm x 23.5cm *Liquid Capacity (Dry Wick): ~300 mL *Flow Range: 0.2 to 15 L/min *Concentration Range: 2 to 18 vol.% *Max. Tilt angle: 10° *Heating Time: Approx. 5 minutes
*2 pcs D-Vapor package. *YOM2012 *Software Version 3.00
Good condition.